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Outstanding Soaring

Flight 20

Conditions at CYHE:

  • ~22ºC at 10:00 AM briefing; minimal clouds at about 7500-8000ft.

Flight record:

  • Flying: C-GVSA (Grob 103)
  • Tow: C-FAXQ (Cessna L-19)
  • Instructor pilot: Harald T
  • Takeoff time: 12:28
  • Landing time: 14:56
  • Logged time for this flight: 2:28
  • Total glider flight time: 11:45 (hh:mm)


  • I had an oustanding flight with Harald this afternoon; I flew the tow behind AXQ up to a ~2500ft release on Hope Mountain, and easily climed to about 5000ft.
  • We flew over to Mount Ogilvie, ENE of Hope, but only found very narrow columns of lift, and essentially didn’t gain any altitude from those areas. I asked Harald to handle most of this flying, as we were trying to find ‘wave’ lift conditions.
  • We managed to find some wave-like lift under cumulous clouds, roughly over Lake of the Woods, just north of Hope. I flew most of the climbing and lift here, at least until about 6500ft, when I handed it over to him to try to focus on ‘wave’ flight again.
  • I flew a large part of the climb up to about 7200ft. This was my highest altitude to date!
  • Stopped getting lift, flew over Dog Mountain and into the bowl, slowly lost altitude from about 4500ft down to about 2800ft; came in over the high key point and did another circuit of the bowl, climbed back up to about 3100 on the north side of the bowl.
  • Flew the circuit and dumped a lot of altitude (~1600ft to 800ft by the low key point) and handled the landing; reasonably smooth and short/regular-length landing.
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