VSA Day 3, Flight 5+6+7

Flight 5


  • Flying straight to a point on the horizon.
  • Gentle and medium turn practice.
  • First experience of a stall.
  • Circuit approach and final all the way down to a low-energy landing.

Conditions at CYHE:

  • Now 16ºC, partly cloudy, mixed sunny patches throughout the Hope valley, warming up.

TO EDIT: Missing some flight records, total flight time?

Flight record:

  • Flying: C-GVSA (Grob 103)
  • Tow: C-FAUJ (Cessna L-19)
  • Instructor pilot: Ray M
  • Takeoff time: 13:25
  • Landing time: 13:45
  • Logged time for this flight: 0:20
  • Total glider flight time: 2:21


  • Ray handled the takeoff and tow to 3000 ft.
  • We focused on my gentle turns again, improving my coordination (i.e. being more assertive with the control inputs) and focusing on pedal/rudder coordination while entering turns, etc.
  • Had my first experience (over the town of Hope) with low-speed glider flight and a controlled stall; although I struggled with keeping the wings level at low speed (pre-stall) and not overcorrecting with a mushy rudder, etc.
  • Ray had me review the circuit high and low points (high key near/over the Husky gas station next tot he highway, to the west of the CYHE field, and low point being roughly 45º to perpendicular, SE of the feild, and had me fly the approach.
  • Did my first landing, admittedly with some guidance from Ray on the spoilers. I somewhat overshot and landed half way down the field, but otherwise it was a calm and controlled landing.

Flight 6


  • More reinforcement of controlling my entry and exit from gentle and medium turns.
  • More assertive and balanced medium-intensity stall.
  • Another circuit approach and landing practice.

Conditions at CYHE:

  • Now 18ºC, partly cloudy, mixed sunny patches throughout the Hope valley, continuing to warm up.

Flight record:

  • Flying: C-GVSA (Grob 103)
  • Tow:
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