VSA Day 1, Flight 1


  • Pitch and bank attitude practice; feel for controls and gentle turns only.
  • Turn in 3 parts, roll into turn, hold bank at 30º roll, roll out, back to center.

Conditions at CYHE:

  • 12ºC, partly cloudy, light rainshowers rolling out, cloud ceiling at about 3500 ft.

Flight record:

  • Flying: C-GVSA (Grob 103)
  • Tow: C-FAUJ (Cessna L-19) by Ray M
  • Instructor pilot: Daniel W
  • Takeoff time: 13:34
  • Landing time: 13:50
  • Logged time for this flight: 0:26
  • Total glider flight time: 0:26


  • Learned practices for removing aircraft from hangar, moving aircraft onto field, who has control / steering via wingtip, etc.
  • Practiced preparation for flight and cockpit checks.
  • Hope bowl tow release at 3100 ft, practiced:
  • Coordinated gentle turns;
  • LOOKOUT technique;
  • Control of speed.
  • Challenging to initially discover manual input sensations and force/speed required on stick and pedals. Fairly smooth and intuitive with basic turns, just a matter of getting in more flight time.
  • Handled circuit approach towards waterfall and lining up with HWY-1 eastbound on parallel approach to CYHE, second from last left turn; Daniel took over final left turn and landing.
  • Good first serious flight! Weather at about 2500 ft was bumpy and challenging during some left/right turn practice, challenging turbulence at about 400 ft over HWY-1 during usual high to low points in circuit and approach.
  • Daniel W is an excellent instructor, very clear communication between us, before, during and after the flight.
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