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End of 2016 Season Gliding Flights

TL;DR: I spent another great Saturday up on the airfield at Hope, BC. These were my final flights of the season, and I was focused on strengthening my gliding skills.

Flight 15


  • Back into flying after a 5 week break; aim is to fly smooth and speed-controlled gentle and medium turns, flying the takeoff, tow, release, manouvers, circuit, and landing.

Conditions at CYHE:

  • 15ºC at ~10:30 AM briefing, partly cloudy, light rain anticipated to roll through the Hope valley. Some blue sky patches to the east, but cloud rolling in from the west.

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Traction Conference 2016

Traction Conference 2016

Date: Weds Jun 22nd 2016 Venue: Vancouver Playhouse

First speaker: @danolsen slideshare.net/dan_o

Three phases of your product;

  • Before your product is live Goal: - Test hypotheses, gain confidence before building too much of product Methods: Mainly qualitative
  • After your product is live Goal: Improve PM fit Methods: Qualitative & Quantiative
  • After market fit Goal: Growth Methods: Mainly quantitative

Quantitative vs Qualitative Learning about your customers

  • Quantitative; analytics, logic, data (the Spock approach)
  • Qualitative; (the Oprah approach)

What is PM fit?

The PM fit pyramid

Lean product process

  1. Determine your target customer
  2. Identify underserved customer needs
  3. Define your value proposition
  4. Specify MVP feature set
  5. Create your MVP prototype

Second speaker: @michaelsharkley / Autopilot

  • Customers expect a personal experience
  • 72% of consumers are turned off by generic marketing

Framework for predictable growth

  • Acquire
    • New user welcome
    • Personal lead follow ups Trial automation Cloud user enablement Salesforce lead assignment Proactive outreach
  • Nurture Reactivation of old buyers Enterprise nurture Product education Reengage downloaders 1st time to repeat buyers Dev community updates
  • Grow New customer onboarding Newsletter & upsell NPS surveys Proactive support and tips Events and webinars Renewal campaigns

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Fav Tools 2016

Here are some of my favourite tools of 2016 that I use just about every day.


  • iTerm 2 - I especially love the (focus follows mouse cursor) feature.
  • Mosh - Super useful if you’re working on shaky 3G/cellular connections to your server VMs.
  • ZSH
  • OhMyZSH

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VSA Day 3, Flight 5+6+7

Flight 5


  • Flying straight to a point on the horizon.
  • Gentle and medium turn practice.
  • First experience of a stall.
  • Circuit approach and final all the way down to a low-energy landing.

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